What we do


How do we get to travel the world through wine?
The Wine Consul helps with your private wine shopping and wine gifting needs, and as always, educating and planning great fun events for all your wine needs.
Wine events are 100% customized and can be private, corporate and public wine education
Food and wine events: consultation, conceptualization and execution
Corporate holiday parties and client appreciation
Bespoke private events: experiential gifts for celebrations
International wine speakers through hybrid events.

Backyard Soirée wine club monthly meetings

Backyard Soirée wine club monthly meetings

An educational and fun outdoor tasting to learn, taste and celebrate #cavaday with the Wine Consul on July 16th 4pm at The Wine Consul Club HQ.
Learn more about Spanish wines with the Region Specialist, Spanish Wine Scholar, Sherry and Cava Educator candidate, Me! The Wine Consul and Celebrate #CavaDay on July 16th
We will learn and taste 3 different Cavas, pair with Tapas and will compare them with other sparkling in a super fun intimate Backyard Soiree. Join us and learn wines having fun!

The Wine Consul Malvasia


Get your Malvasia On Educational Series Register now for the event series and to get your private link for the Malvasia master class series.First Episode January 15th 2pm EST

The Wine Consul

Work With Us

We will design a unique experience, tailored just for you in the world of wine through tastings, trainings and events that connect with emotions, both in activities with friends and in corporate events.

Live Events in the Toronto Area.
Virtual Events available from anywhere!